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James Stant - Tequesta Firefighter

On Monday, October 18, 2021 Big Heart Brigade honored Tequesta Firefighter Jams Stant with a donation to help with expenses to treat his non-Hodgkin T-cell lymphoma. 

Stack, a native of Jupiter, volunteered for Palm Beach County Fire before working at Tequesta Fire-Rescue for nearly three years.

Fire officials said Stack is the youngest person in Florida to be diagnosed with this aggressive cancer. But nothing is stopping him from giving his best fight, as his brothers stand by him.

"We’re going to get through this together. Keep up the good fight, he’s not doing it alone," Fawcett said.

We ask you to visit WPBF, Channel 25 for more informaton on his care and treatment.

Armed Forces Recruiter Appreciation Day

Big Heart Briagde honored the Armed Forces Jupiter Recruiting Company with a BurgerFi lunch on September 17, 2021.  Nearly 100 memebers and famiy celebrated Jupiter recruiting station recognition as the top recruiting station in Florida and the top 5% in the country. If you are interested in the military there isn’t a better team out there that will work harder to make it happen. For FY22 our goal is to far exceed the already high standards we had for ourselves this year.

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Delray Medical Center

Big Heart Brigade sponsored a Burger Fi International lunch for over 200 "Hospital Heroes" at Delray Medical Center on Tuesday, Aug 24th. ER and ICU nurses, doctors and staff enjoyed their choice of burgers, chicken or veggie sandwiches along with chips and a dessert

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Operation Outdoor Freedom Duck Hunt

We had approximately 50 people from all branches of the military and a Fire Fighter from Ft. Lauderdale.  They came for as far as Michigan, Ft. Meyers, Georgia, Homestead, Stuart and more. Organizations like Team Rubicon, Wounded Warriors and others joined in the hunt.

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Hometown Hero Appreciatin Day
Renewal Coalition October Veteran's Retreat

Big Heart Brigade was honored to provide an evening meal for these veterans who proudly served in Afghanistan.   Most of these men are 'medically retired' due to injuries while serving in Afghanistan. Please help us thank those who serve us and keep our Nation free.  Our partner, Renewal Coalition, gave these 3 Army couples a weekend which entailed lots of fishing, boating, deep sea fishing, beach trips and a wonderful date night at the Dive Bar. They all felt so welcomed and their hearts will be forever touched by the generosity that was shown to them.  One of the couples experienced their first ever 'vacation' alone in their 27-years of married life.

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Renewal Coalition Hornet's Nest Retreat

Big Heart Brigade was honored to provide a delicious Bar-B-Q dinner for members of the Afghanistan Hornet's Nest team at Renewal Coition in Tequesta.  The documentary, filmed by father and son team Mike and Carlos Boettcher, the only father and son team to ever embed together and they became the only father and son team to win an Emmy for work on the same story.  View a clip from the Hornet's Nest video.  The team, is an elite group of U.S. troops sent on a dangerous mission deep inside one of Afghanistan’s most hostile valleys. 

The Hornet’s Nest exemplifies the heroism and courage of our military personnel who faced endless gun battles, roadside bombings, and sniper fire from an invisible enemy whose one goal is to kill Americans.

This is the story of our most valiant soldiers and Marines, told through the narrative of a father and son, attempting to reconnect under unimaginable circumstances, who are assigned to cover the conflict for one of the United States’ major broadcast networks.

Every American who sees this powerful film will gain a greater understanding of the heroism and sacrifice made by our soldiers and Marines in combat to protect our freedom. 

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Delray Medical/Burger Fi Lunch Sponsor
Reneal Coalition Caregiver Retreat

Renewal Coalition had such a wonderful weekend with our caregivers of combat injured veterans who attended the first “post pandemic” retreat. These ladies enjoyed a relaxing weekend of boating, crafting, yoga, sightseeing and dinning at a few local favorites. The stressors of a military caregiver are often overlooked and we wanted to let these ladies know how special they truly are. The struggles may always be present but these caregivers showed strength and were able to form a new sisterhood of support.

Big Heart Brigade honored these women with a dinner they'll not forget. These women give unconditional care and attention to our service heroes.  On this special day, they got to enjoy a fruit salad appetizer, sautéed chicken breast with artichoke sauce, yellowtail snapper in shrimp scampi sauce, a vegetable medley, orzo rice, and delicious dessert.



Operation Outdoor Freedom
Hometown Hero Appreciation Day

Big Heart Brigade was delighted to participate in the first annual Hometown Hero Appreciation Day.  The event held at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium we partnered with Wounded Veterans Relief Fund and many others to honor local veterans and active duty military. Big Heart served over 400 hotdogs and 400 hamburgers, with chips and cookie deBig Heart Brigade was delighted to participate in the first annual Hometown Hero Appreciation Day which was held at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium.  We partnered with Wounded Veterans Relief Fund, and many others, to honor local veterans and active-duty military and their families. Big Heart served over 400 hotdogs and 400 hamburgers, with chips and cookie dessert to the honored guests.ssert to the honored guests.

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Gordon & Partner Lunch

Big Heart Brigade displayed the "Big Red" cooker partly sponsored by Gordon and Partners.  In appreciation BHB provided a demonstration for employees the diversified ability the unit can provide.  Two smokers (one charcoal, one wood) deep fryer, flat grill, propane, wood and charcoal fuel, hot and cold water and much more.

Flexible Utilization
Advisory Committee Reception

Big Heart Brigade welcomed our newly installed Advisory Committee on March 25, 2021.

Members are:

Johnny Bench       Mae Dettman

 Micki Fetterman  Jennifer Hernandez

Michael Hoffman Peter Lyons

Michael Massey  Peter Tartaglione

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West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Lunch

Our mission says, in part, Big Heart Brigade is “Coming to the Rescue” supporting those in our communities, including First Responders.  So, In April 2021 we provided lunch for all West Palm Beach Fire Rescue personnel.  They enjoyed burgers, BBQ chhicken (notice Chief Gribble donned an apron and assisted) chips, and a dessert.  Our partner, FLorida Crystals provided fresh corn on the cob harvest that morning in Belle Glade.

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BHB Advisory Committee Reception

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